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Proactive Cheat Mitigation

Advanced Threat Detection

We utilize cutting-edge technology to proactively detect and neutralize threats before they can negatively impact your game. Stay one step ahead of cheaters with our comprehensive security approach.


Easy Setup

Easily customize VisionX's anticheat setup for effective, game-specific security solutions.


High Performance

Experience uninterrupted gameplay with VisionX. Our anti-cheat system is designed for exceptional stability.


Player Privacy

VisionX ensures maximal privacy protection with minimal to no data collection in gameplay.



VisionX's user-friendly setup makes customizing your anticheat to suit your game's needs a breeze.

Global Product

Elevate your Gaming Experience

Uncover the metrics that demonstrate why VisionX is the anticheat solution of choice for millions, emphasizing our reliability and user-centric approach.


Servers Protected - Our technology secures millions of gaming experiences every day.


Detection incidents - Cheating attempts detected by VisionX, emphasizing software's effectiveness.


Positive Feedbacks - A testament to our effectiveness and customer satisfaction.


Registered banned accounts by VisionX for cheating in our protected servers.

Elevate your Game

Meet Horizon by VisionX

From the trusted leaders in gaming security, VisionX introduces Horizon - the ultimate external anticheat solution. Easily enabled via our panel, Horizon ensures a fair and secure gaming experience.

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Voices of Confidence

Hear What Our Customers Say

Discover the experiences of our valued users. At VisionX, we're committed to delivering exceptional service and robust anticheat solutions, ensuring fair play and enjoyment. Join the ranks of satisfied administrators who trust VisionX for their gaming environments.

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Server CEO

“I recommend buying. There are no downs to it at all. They are seemingly working on their customer service, and that's great.”

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Server CEO

“Good & Fast support by the VisionX team, 100% recommended and best anticheat for FiveM, I've been using it for like 6 months now and catches all cheaters.”

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Server CEO

“10/10 I had some problems with the AC that were not related to VisionX, and support team solved everything super fast, very kind. ❤️

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Server CEO

“After 2 years being on FiveM scene, I can say 100% VisionX is the best AC. They offer the best support in the market, and a premium support must be priority for server owners. The AC has many unique features as the control panel totally customizable. No words. VisionX on top 🔝”

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Server CEO

“100/10 All redENGINE Users Banned from my server, definitely recommending”

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Enhance Your Server

Unlock the full potential of your server with VisionX, the community-chosen anticheat. Experience unparalleled gaming integrity through our advanced technology that effectively identifies and mitigates threats.

Frequently Asked Questions

VisionX FAQs Uncovered

Empowering Your Server with Comprehensive Secure Gameplay: Thoroughly Discover how VisionX effectively and proactively safeguards your gaming environment from cheats and hacks.

VisionX is an advanced anticheat solution designed to protect FiveM servers from various forms of cheating and hacking. Utilizing state-of-the-art detection algorithms, VisionX continuously monitors gameplay to identify and respond to potential threats, ensuring a fair and secure environment for all players.

Installing VisionX is straightforward. After purchasing your preferred plan, you will receive a detailed guide on how to integrate VisionX into your server. Our support team is also available to assist you through the installation process to ensure seamless integration.

VisionX is engineered to detect a wide array of cheats, including LUA executors, aimbots, wallhacks, speed hacks, and more. Our system is regularly updated to recognize new and evolving cheating techniques, maintaining robust protection for your server.

VisionX is designed to be lightweight and efficient, ensuring minimal impact on server performance. Our solution operates seamlessly in the background, providing robust anticheat protection without compromising gameplay quality.

Yes, VisionX offers customizable settings to cater to the unique needs of your server. You can adjust detection sensitivity, specify automatic actions against detected threats, and configure various other parameters to fine-tune your server's security.

VisionX provides support to all our customers. Depending on your chosen plan, you can access different levels of support. Our team is committed to helping you maintain a secure and enjoyable gaming environment.

We regularly update VisionX to introduce new features, enhance detection capabilities, and address emerging threats. These updates are automatically applied to ensure your server benefits from the latest security advancements.

Yes, VisionX is proud to offer a 7-day trial period, allowing you to experience the full capabilities of our anticheat solution before committing to a purchase. This trial provides you with access to all the features of your selected plan, enabling you to evaluate how VisionX can enhance the security and integrity of your server. To start your trial, simply contact our sales team in Discord.